My Boy’s Injury…..
How we became Just Grazin® Australian Made Slow Feed Hay Nets. About 12yrs ago my home bred quarter horse gelding “Ace”, came up to the yards limping badly! A trip to the vet and an ultrasound confirmed he had injured his tendon. He was put on stable rest for a month, followed by confinement to a very small day yard for another month, then into a slightly bigger yard for another few weeks. Being an energetic 2yr old and never confined to a stable before, he wasn’t coping very well with his incarceration.

Slow Feed Hay Nets….
I recalled learning a year prior about the many benefits of slow feed hay nets. One of those benefits was reducing boredom, another was slowing consumption. I had been feeding Ace heaps of Rhodes hay to try and keep him occupied, but he was making a real mess of the stable and wasting heaps of hay. Of course he’d eat till he had a belly full, then he’d pee on the rest of the pile, arghhh!

Lets Give ‘Em A Go!……
Deciding to give a slow feed hay net a try I started searching for where I could buy one. The only place I could find, was to order one from either the USA or Canada. I decided since there were no Australian ones, I would make one myself!!

I was really surprised at the change in Ace once he started using the slow feed hay net. He wasn’t 100% relaxed, but he was certainly a lot more settled and coping with his confinement so much better. An added bonus was it slowed down how fast he was eating the hay and it reduced the mess he was making!!

Savings In My Wallet……
Living in Central Qld, we didn’t have much pasture so I was actually feeding Rhodes hay 24/7 to all my horses. As you can imagine, I went through a lot of hay. After my trial with Ace, I decided to make a few more slow feed hay nets and use them with the rest of my herd, to reduce the hay waste and also make the hay last longer. My old mare was a bit frustrated at the change, but once she got used to it she was like the others, where she would actually choose to eat from the net vs loose hay on the ground.

Over A Decade With Just Grazin®……..
My horses have now been using Just Grazin® custom nets every single day for over a decade and I couldn’t imagine feeding hay without them! I love hearing back from our customers how Just Grazin® nets have also helped them and their horses/animals, it’s the very best part of my job. Also why I love Just Grazin® Australian Made Slow Feed Hay Nets!

* Ace and I (when he was approx. 1yr old) 🙂

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