Great long lasting hay nets made in all sizes. I highly recommend this product. – Kind Equine – Bec Jordan, Koumala QLD
Love my hay nets, they are so durable. Bazil has tried to destroy his, no such luck Bazil. – Mandy Probyn’s Equine Connection, Mackay QLD
Just Grazin Custom Nets are the bee’s knees & great for feeding out, highly recommend. – Melissa Longhurst, Equine Body Balance, Mackay QLD
The health benefits, both in body and mind are immense. Great service, backed by knowledge, this is an all round excellent product. I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s my must have for at home, and whilst away at competitions and clinics ~ Merin B, Tamworth NSW
Ive had mine (about 6 of them) for years and years and years. They are incredibly strong and I love knowing my horses will be kept entertained for hours nibbling away after they’ve had their dinner etc – Sari M, Tieri QLD
My 3yo Friesian X loves his Just Grazin Custom Net! As my resident equine food vacuum these nets are a great way to slow him down and make the bale last. In winter when there is limited pick in the paddock it is the perfect solution that allows him to continue to graze. – Michaela C, Woolloongabba QLD
New York and Amira, sharing their hay tonight from your wonderful net, best thing out! Just wanted to say a big thank you for the nets, ponies are very happy – Anne J, Melbourne VIC
I love Just Grazin Hay Nets, as I am able to provide hay for my whole herd. They all have different feed requirements. Without the net, the pony and cow eat the whole bale and get fat, while the seniors go hungry. With the net they all happily share and there is always some left for everyone. I love the quality and price of Just Grazin Nets, the best I’ve ever had! – Raelene G, Kleinton QLD
I use hay nets for all three of my horses as we have no grazing and so gives them more time to get through their hay. Love your products – Rebecca B, Gladstone SA
I put the 5×4 net on the round bale by myself!!!! It’s well made and about to commence pony testing. Thank you. – Nik L, Gisborne South VIC
Super happy with my full bale 6cm, was exactly what I needed and is such a generous size it’s nice and easy to get the bale in. Thankyou – Nicole B, Horsley NSW
Best investment you can make in feeding hay to your horses – Mel M, Sarina QLD
I love your nets, they are first class quality – Jody Burrows Riding School, Sarina QLD
Really really happy with my hay nets they are excellent quality, highly recommend 👍 – Tanya S, Bouldercombe QLD
Fabulous product and customer service…would highly recommend – Tracey H, Mitchell ACT
I only recently discovered your nets. I bought a round bale net and 3 hanging nets. I have 100% got my money’s worth out of them – Erin S, Riverview QLD
We purchased some of these Just Grazin Custom Nets to try and stop the wastage of hay and SLOW their eating down. They’ve been great!!! It takes the horses 2-3 hours to finish 3-4kg of hay – Jessica N, Scone NSW
I highly recommend these hay nets, nothing gets wasted – Kerri R, Orange Creek QLD
These slow feed hay nets saved my horse from becoming extremely obese during stable rest for 6 weeks! – Jane Stephens, Horse Utopia.
Loving these Just Grazin hay nets!! My gelding has a full leg cast on and has to be stabled for 4 – 6 weeks. With our usual hay bags, he’d pig out on his portion of hay and then be left without food for a few hours before his next meal, and we couldn’t just keep adding more and more hay or he’d put on too much weight. With the Just Grazin hay nets, he is getting his daily allowance of hay (about 3/4 of a bale) but is never without hay to eat as he just nibbles, nibbles, nibbles all the time, so is being kept entertained, is eating the right amount, and isn’t left for hours on end without something going in to his stomach. Thank you so much!! – Leanne O, Grandchester QLD
Thanks for a great product. Keeping the horses busy eating through the days. Down here at pacific coast reining show – Ben D, Glenden QLD
Just got my Just Grazin custom hay net & little Jack loves it :) no more wastage & slows down the little guts :) – Tamara J, Caboolture QLD
Just Grazin® has been a big part of the farm for nearly 8 years (I’m sure we have one of the original hay nets still here). We have loved all the products (the salt block nets, the small hat nets, the bale nets and the Round bale nets). Our horse’s, cattle and even geese use them 😂 – Nicky Dobson, Owner and manager of 4Mile Farm, Gracemere QLD.
Huge shout out to Just Grazin Custom Nets for helping keep our horses happy during the QRHA state show with the 3cm and 4cm custom hay nets. Team Laurie Equine love these slow feeder nets ❤️❤️ – Team Laurie Equine, Braidwood NSW
Jed my 10 year old quarter horse, he’s kind of a fatty so the slow feeder hay net is perfect for him, stops him gobbling his hay to quick and keeps him busy through the day. It’s really strong thank goodness as fat man worked out a way to get the other ones I had off the tree and rip them open, lol, but not with this one it’s Jeddie proof – Jennie S, Jimboomba QLD
Your hay nets are not only just for horses, the alpacas also love them! You have a great product, all the animals are enjoying it – Bec B, Gladstone SA
Nets arrived today and are already in use. All the little guys are fat, so this will slow them down and the wind wont blow the hay away, happy customers – Deb C, Duneed VIC
The ponies love it and their feed lasts all day…… extremely happy, loving the hay net, its perfect, thanks (Custom Made Order) – Sharon L, Greenbank QLD
Great net- thank you team! Lior & Soxy have refined their just grazing technique & are content nibbling away. We’d borrowed an old 2nd hand net from my in-laws a while back which they punched so many holes in we had to laugh. Bought our own 1st net from you guys online – sent over opposite side of country to WA Margaret River. Size is probs a bit big for what we needed (our own ignorance of what would fit the rolls here) but it’s tough & easy to use & is keeping the nags at bay. Great company. Thank you. Cheers! – Andrea F, Margaret River WA
Still using your nets 4 years on and they are as good as new – thanks! Certainly worth their cost – Julie D, Sarina QLD
Thank you Just Grazin Custom Nets. Got my new nets, horses are going to love them and so am I. Love these one bale nets, saves so much time and little wastage. Thank you also for the extra twine for any repairs, never needed to, but anything is possible. Loved it all, thanks again, you truly are a gem – Merin B, Tamworth NSW
I’m enjoying “peace of mind” knowing my horses have something to nibble on all day, every day while the paddocks have barely anything in them at all. It’s quietened my previously very demanding, “food-whoring” gelding and more than likely helping prevent ulcers – Sari M, Tieri QLD
Love mine…….use with sheep, big calves and horses, they all love Just Grazin Custom Nets – Claudette R, Springsure QLD
We use these great products every single day. They fit very well in our program! Everyone needs at least 1!!! – Jo McConnel, Just Say Whoa Horsemanship
These are the gold standard of slow feeder hay nets. I thoroughly recommend them – Pauline B, Tieri QLD
Team Laurie Equine love our Just Grazin hay nets. The quality and design is amazing. Our horses have taken to the slow feeders with ease and I have peace of mind in our feeding program. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. TLE highly recommend these products – Team Laurie Equine, Braidwood NSW
No boredom, no gorging and no fighting. Peace in the camp. Love these nets, thanks for a great product. Full bale net is awesome. Fast delivery. Couldnt be happier – Nikky S, Emu Park QLD
These are fantastic. I bought the 60mm tuff ply round bale one 3 months ago for 2 rowdy geldings, its still going well no problems at all. Would definitely recommend them for horse owners –  Jenni T, Cape Clear VIC
Excellent feeding System :) we have a few round bale feeders and the green two biscuit style, could not be happier – Karen J, Caboolture QLD
Great products, love my hay net!! fast, friendly service :) – Senéya T, Kawana QLD
Our horses love these nets! We have 5 nets in total and the horses always get excited when they see us coming with them, and there’s barely ever any wastage – Jacinta Rogers, Barefoot Equine Services, Mackay QLD
Thank you for your generous support to Delaney’s Creek Pony Clubs formal gymkhana this weekend. We love your hay nets – Bobbie Rlanch, Delaney’s Creek PC QLD
My mare “Surf” had some injuries and needed to be confined. I started using your slow feeder nets. Surf took to them straight away. I’m impressed with your service and the quality of the nets – Sonny Z, Modbury North SA
Arrived super fast, fantastic quality. Thank you! – Simone F, Doreen VIC