Feed lower quality hay? Can your hay be stalky?

Stalky Hay Tips – Sometimes when purchasing hay we might not always get the top quality stuff. It could be our horse is already overweight, so we just want the hay more as a filler, to keep their digestive system working well (horses should never go more than 4hrs without feed, as this can lead to increased risks of colic and ulcers). It could simply be that the weather wasn’t great, so the local hay grower wasn’t able to cut and bale as planned, meaning they weren’t able to produce their best hay this round.
Slow feed hay nets do work best with good quality hay, but they are also very handy for lower quality hay too. When using lower quality hay sometimes we need to go up a hole size. For example, the 4x4cm netting is perfect for good quality hay, but for slightly lower quality hay, it might be best to use the 6x6cm netting.
Occasionally though, you may find the hay is great in a 4x4cm netting size, that is until the horses pick out all the finer leaf and stems of hay. Unfortunately, leaving the stalky hay behind can block the netting holes and make it difficult for the horses to continue getting the good quality hay from the bale. It is important to check your horses and your hay net each day.
If you find your horses quit trying to get the hay from the net (you may notice they begin to lose weight and they’re standing around, rather than eating), they become frustrated or they start to put holes in the netting, here is one quick easy solution………….WATCH THE VIDEO HERE