What are the advantages of square mesh hay nets?…

There are many styles and sizes of Slow Feed Hay Nets. All Just Grazin® Custom Nets are made with square holes and netting of the highest quality. Square holed netting was specifically chosen because it maintains the shape of the holes. The hole in the net remains the same size regardless of whether it is filled with hay or not. When hay is eaten from diamond hole nets, the net slowly closes around the hay. As a result, the horses find it more difficult to get hay from the net. A 4 cm hole can close down to a much smaller size. Horses may become frustrated and unable to get the rest of the hay if this happens.

Square holed netting is our choice for top quality horse and animal friendly, slow feed hay nets! 👍

Choosing the right size netting for your horses and your situation is an essential part of choosing a slow feed hay net. Due to this, it is crucial that the netting maintains that chosen hole size, regardless of whether the net is full of hay or only has a small amount of hay left in it.

Just Grazin Custom Nets are available in the following netting hole sizes……

Our 2cm netting is suitable for animals accustomed to using hay nets. We recommend 2cm holes only for horses and ponies that have previously used a 3cm net successfully. (only available in sizes extra small/mini & small)

3cm netting is ideal for ponies and other animals used to slow feed hay nets. A 3cm hay net may cause frustration for animals that have never used one before. It is recommended that animals graze from this size of hay net if they are used to a slow feed hay net, but need to be further slowed down.

4cm nets are traditionally used for slow feeding and are the most popular size. It is a versatile, all-purpose size which slows horses down and reduces waste. If you are new to using slow feed hay nets, 4cm nets are a good place to start, provided you are feeding quality hay.

A 6cm net reduces hay waste more than it slows consumption. It is a popular choice when feeding stalky hay or low-quality hay. Also an excellent option for older horses, brood mares and horses who require more hay, but you need to keep waste to a minimum.

NOTE: Prior to use, be sure your horses hooves are larger than the size of the netting. 6cm netting is not recommended for foals or mini’s due to their small feet. If using with small footed animals, you must ensure their feet cannot access the net as there is a chance they may become tangled. Please read our FAQ’s for ideas on using slow feed hay nets with shod/small footed animals.