Sponsorship is one of the ways in which businesses may assist the wider community and not for profit clubs and organisations. Community support and sponsorship helps those who are looking to organise events and competitions. With the cost of running events and competitions ever on the increase, sponsorship provides all important financial assistance. Without this support, many events and competitions would simply not be held. Actual money is not necessarily required when sponsoring events, more often it involves supplying goods or services to be used for prizes or raffles for club fundraising. Sponsorship support in this way helps clubs continue to function, hold events and be able to carry on with the day to day running costs as well.

Sponsorship and community support not only helps clubs, but at the same time it can promote and improve small business. This is a constructive way for businesses to gain exposure for their products and/or services, building a positive and credible reputation. Sponsorship shows the community that your business has a real interest in contributing. Just Grazin Custom Nets do their utmost to help where we can, especially with smaller regional clubs.