Personalised name tags


Personalised name tags are now available for your Just Grazin® hay nets! These are a great little addition making it easy to identify each hay net, for ownership or individual horse’s hay rations.

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Personalised Name Tags
A great little addition for our customers making it easy to identify each hay net, for ownership or individual horse’s hay rations.
Perfect for using on the small size hay nets you might take away to competitions etc
When ordering, simply write in the comments of your order……..
+ The name (up to a max of 8 letters)
+ Which name, for which colour
+ Also, the size nets you would like each tag on (if ordering several different size nets)

eg – Teddy, Red, small 4cm original knotted.
Lucy, Green, full bale 6cm ultimate knotless.
Flash, Blue, half bale 4cm original knotted.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂


……….Just Grazin Custom Nets are family owned and operated, we’ve been producing slow feed hay nets for a decade! Tried and tested on our very own herd who love them. They’ve been using all sizes from small to round bales, every day, for 10yrs! Just Grazin Custom Nets are used extensively across every state in Australia and have been shipped to many countries worldwide. Backed by a decade of testing and feedback from our own horses, customers and stockists. This has helped us evolve into the true quality hand stitched slow feed hay nets we produce today………..

Extensive range of sizes available……….. 

Small Size – Holds up to 3 biscuits of hay

Half Bale – Holds up to half a standard bale of hay

Full Bale – Holds an entire standard bale of hay

Round Bale – 3×4, 4×4, 5×4, 6×4 and custom sizes available on request (at no additional charge) 

Repair Patch Kits – to extend the longevity of your hay nets

*Horses/livestock must be free of buckled halters and rugs when using Just Grazin slow feed hay nets. If your horse is shod, the net must be hung out of reach of hooves. Otherwise be contained in some way their hooves cannot access the netting. For more information on easy to use net containment ideas, visit our FAQ page. Horned livestock should not use slow feed hay nets. As they may become caught up in the netting and injured or their horns may damage the netting.

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Green, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Purple, pink


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