Medium 3cm Ultimate Knotless Slow Feed Hay Net


Medium size hay nets for horses and livestock
with 3cm Ultimate Knotless Netting

  • Holds up to half a bale of hay
  • Deluxe soft feel knotless polypropylene netting
  • Premium quality drawstring – Australian manufactured from 100% polyester with a double braid construction
  • High strength, UV-resistant netting won’t degrade in the sun
  • Generous sizing makes it easy to fill.
  • Versatile, use it anywhere
  • Machine stitched seams. No metal joins or clips.
  • 3cm netting restricts consumption


Medium Knotless Hay Net
Medium size knotless hay net. Quality deluxe soft feel knotless netting, high strength, UV stabilised and designed to endure our harsh Australian climate. Ultimate Knotless, our new range of slow feed hay nets.
Netting Size – 3cm
Is your horse an expert at using a slow feeder hay net?
Does the traditional 4cm netting not seem quite small enough?
Own laminitic ponies, miniature horses, or feed high-quality hay to your horses?
3cm netting works best with high quality leafy hay, because animals and horses usually eat that type of hay quickly. 3cm netting is also suitable for minis, goats, sheep, etc. We recommend using 3cm x 3cm netting only if your animal is familiar with slow feed hay nets. If horses are not familiar with slow feed hay nets, they might be frustrated by this size netting. However some animals are happy to graze straight away from the 3cm net without any issues. Our 3cm range is available in a size nets from mini right up to round bale sizes.

* If you need an extra-long drawstring, send us an email we can customize the hay net for you.


Medium Slow Feed Hay Net


…..”My net has the 3cm holes and it is the ONLY thing that has stopped Monty from spreading his hay biscuits all over the stable 😄 Thank you 🙌🏻”…..Jenni B, valued customer of Just Grazin



Slow feeder hay nets;

Reduce hay wastage > learn more
– Slowed hay consumption > learn more
– Simulate grazin’ > learn more
– Reduce the chance of colic, choke, stomach ulcers, decrease’s boredom and may improve stable vices > learn more


……….Just Grazin® custom nets – Australia’s most popular Family owned and operated slow feed hay net business, producing slow feed hay nets since 2009. Tried and tested by own horses and dorper sheep, using all sizes from small to round bales. Just Grazin® Custom Nets are used extensively across every state in Australia and have been shipped to many countries worldwide. Backed by over a decade of testing and feedback from our own horses, customers and stockists, which has enabled us to developed the ultimate slow feed hay nets………..


Other netting hole sizes available……..

4cm Netting
Are you looking for a hay net to slow down your horses hay consumption?
Do you feed good quality hay and want to reduce the waste?
For slow feeding hay, the most common netting size is 4cm x 4cm. It is the most popular netting as it’s a versatile general purpose netting size, suitable for the majority of hay types. 4cm nets the most ideal size for reducing hay waste and slowing consumption when using premium quality hay.
6cm Netting
Sick and tired of hay being spread around and wasted?
6cm netting reduces hay waste. An excellent option for older horses, brood mares and horses who require more hay, but you need to keep waste to a minimum. It is a popular choice when feeding cereal, stalky or low-quality hay.  Check out our 6cm netting.

Note: All horses/animals should have larger hooves than the size of the netting. Because foals and minis have relatively small feet, 6cm is not recommended. When using with small footed animals, ensure their feet cannot access the net, as they could become tangled. Listed on our FAQ’s page are ideas on how to use slow feed hay nets with shod or small footed animals.


Other slow feed hay net sizes available………. 

Mini Hay Net – Fits up to 1 biscuit of hay
Small Size Hay Net – Fits up to 3 biscuits of hay
Half Bale/Medium Hay Net – Fits up to half a standard bale of hay
Full Bale/Large Hay Net – Fits an entire standard bale of hay
XL Full Bale Hay Net – Fits 2 x standard square bales of hay
Round Bale – 3×4, 4×4, 5×4, 6×4
Export Bale – 8x4x3

*When using slow feed hay nets, horses and livestock must be free of buckled halters and rugs. If your horse is shod, make sure the net is out of reach of their hooves. If not, the netting must be contained in some way that can prevent hooves from accessing it. You can find more information on net containment ideas on our FAQ page. Livestock with horns should not use slow feed hay nets because they may become caught in the netting and injured, and their horns may damage the netting.

*30 Day returns on all hay nets. Returns policy can be found here


Additional information

Netting Size

3cm, 4cm, 6cm


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