How to tie a hay net


How to tie a hay net. Hay nets can be tied in many different ways. With the supplied drawstring, slow feed hay nets can be attached directly to rails, trees, or tie rings. Bailing twine can also be used to attach hay nets in any position.
Slow feed hay nets can be used in various ways, from fixing them in a horse float, stable, or even hanging them from a tree in the paddock.
You can use bailing twine to wrap around a branch, then secure the drawstring to it, if your drawstring is too short to wrap around a very large tree. By leaving the bailing twine in place, you can then move the hay net from tree to tree quickly and easily.
In tying a hay net, it is crucial that it is secure and safe. So the knot won’t come undone, and the tail of the drawstring won’t endanger the horse by being tangled.
If your horse doesn’t have split hooves or shoes, you can also use slow feed hay nets at ground level. However to use at ground level, drawstrings should always be securely tucked away or untied at the tail end. Check out our hay net tips or FAQ page for instructions how to do this.
We use two types of rope for the drawstrings of our slow feed hay nets. Original knotted hay nets feature braided polyethylene ropes. Our Ultimate Knotless hay nets have a 100% polyester double braided drawstring rope which is manufactured right here in Australia!

Ordering replacement or spare drawstrings

You can now purchase spare drawstrings or extra long drawstrings on our website.
For the original rope, CLICK HERE.
For the deluxe rope, CLICK HERE.
So we can send you the right length of rope, let us know what size net you are ordering it for, or the specific length rope you need.
We can answer any questions you may have about how to tie a hay net or how to use slow feeder hay nets in general. Contact us here