How do you put a hay net on a round bale?

The video below shows the process 

  • Remove the plastic wrap

  • Place the opening of the net over the hay bale

  • Make it easier to pull down the bale by stacking excess netting on top.

  • Working around the bale, pull the netting down to the ground

  • If you don’t want to flip the bale and secure the drawstring to something solid, make sure it’s tight and then safely secure the excess.

    • Ensure there are no loops for hooves to get caught in

    • The excess rope should be tucked into the netting and secured

    • For safety reasons, it’s recommended that the bale be tipped over to tighten the drawstring, secure excess rope, then tipped back over so the drawstring is under the bale.

    • To ensure hooves/legs don’t get caught up in the drawstring, check it regularly.

  • When securing to something solid, tie the drawstring high and away from legs and hooves.

  • Regularly check the drawstring

Safety is paramount. The use of hay nets should be done with care in order to prevent entanglement. Horses with shoes (or small footed animals) must have hay nets enclosed in a hay feeder or in some other way, so their hooves cannot access them. You can find tips in our FAQs.FAQ’s