Wow, who else can’t believe it’s 2020? Wasn’t 2020 supposed to be when we finally got flying cars and spaceships and all that cool stuff? Sci-Fi movies have a lot to answer for ;)

2019 was a very busy year indeed, it went by incredibly fast! So for our 2020 New Years resolution, we’re going to focus on time management. Yep one of those things that pretty much everyone seems to struggle with, especially now days with so much going on and life seems to move at such a fast pace.

One of the other things we also plan to focus on is our subscribers! We’re going to work on keeping in touch more often and to spread the love of our slow feed hay nets and the hay saving solutions they offer, especially in these times of drought and bush fires! To do this, we will be sending out subscriber only special offers and giveaways throughout the year.

To start the ball rolling……….for the entire month of January, every subscriber who places an order over $50 will receive a FREE small size hay net, your choice of netting size.
To redeem this offer you must;
+ Be subscribed to our website
+ Place an order online @ www.justgrazincustomnets.com

+ Add a note in the comment section of the order, saying “Hi, I’m a subscriber”
+ Then note the netting size you would like your free hay net to be – 3cm, 4cm or 6cm netting

You are welcome to share this link with family and friends. However they must be a current subscriber to redeem the offer. Any issues with your subscription to our website or any queries you might have, contact info@justgrazincustomnets.com

We wish you all the very best for 2020!

The Just Grazin Team :)