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Slow feed hay net

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for horses and animals to spread hay around and waste it! However, you can save feed dollars by using slow feed hay nets for your animals.

Reducing hay waste and slowing consumption contribute to hay lasting longer. Scroll below to learn more about slow feeder hay nets and the benefits they can offer you and your animals.

Just Grazin® Custom Nets proud to be a small family owned & operated business manufacturing Australian made slow feed hay nets, right here in Central Queensland.

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Why use a slow feed hay net?

Hay Being Wasted?

Hay waste is frustrating! The majority is caused by horses/livestock spreading hay around, trampling it in the dirt/mud and peeing on it. In addition, hay can be blown across a paddock or yard. The cost of hay waste is high. Just Grazin® slow feed hay nets can help by containing and protecting your hay so it won’t be spread around or wasted.

5x4foot Hay Net
Just Grazin Half Bale Net

Is your horse at risk of colic, ulcers, laminitis/founder and boredom?

For horses to avoid colic, pasture or hay should be available to them preferably 24/7. A full stomach keeps the digestive tract moving, reducing the risk of colic. Horses should not go without food for more than 4 hours or they risk ulcers developing. Consumption of forage stimulates saliva, this reduces ulcer risk by buffering stomach acid. Slowing consumption means more grazing time for your horse. By reducing boredom, stable vices are less likely to develop. Horses usually graze for 12-20 hours a day if possible. Plus, slow feeding keeps insulin levels consistent in horses with laminitis and cushings.

Animals eating their hay really fast?

Slow feeding is best. University studies demonstrate that small holed slow feed hay nets reduce the rate of hay consumption when compared to loose hay and traditional large holed hay nets. This method simulates natural “grazin'”, by slowing consumption rates.

Just Grazin Slow Feed Hay Net
Mini Hay Net 4cm Netting

Need to reduce sugars and dust from your hay?

What is the point of soaking hay? Soaking hay can reduce dust by up to 88%, according to studies. Dust can cause respiratory problems. Some horse owners soak their hay to reduce the amount of sugar in it, for their insulin-resistant or laminitic horses.
How do hay nets help? Simply fill your Just Grazin® slow feed hay nets then place them in a wheelie bin or large container full of water (you may need to place a rock or brick on top to keep it down), the hay net will keep the hay together.
Hot tip – Adding a pulley above the hay net (wet hay can be very heavy) will allow you to hang it to drain if soaking hay is a regular part of your routine.

Pasture Management

Not everyone has acres and acres of pasture for their horses. We all need to be mindful of how land and pasture are managed in Australia’s climate. Therefore, sometimes it’s necessary to confine our horses/livestock to a dry lot or “sacrifice paddock” to protect pastures from overgrazing. The use of a sacrifice paddock combined with hay supplementation gives pasture the time it needs to regrow or rest. Because pasture is a lot slower to recover once it has been overgrazed. Just Grazin’ Custom Nets slow feed hay nets can assist with feeding hay during these times. Whether you’re feeding out a full standard bale or an entire round bale to provide your animals with the fiber they need while off pasture, we are your hay saving solutions.

Full Bale Size Net

May assist in body posture

A study conducted by Sharon May Davis (world-renowned Equine Therapist and Scientist) as well as various body workers, has demonstrated that horses who are fed hay high (for about 20 minutes a day) can have improved posture and body balance. The “browsing posture” engages and strengthens the ventral muscles of the caudal cervical and cranial thoracic vertebrae. For more details click here

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